Immune stimulation with PEGylated human IL-10 (AM0010) in patients with pancreatic and colorectal cancer


AM0010 is being developed by ARMO BioSciences.

PEGylation of IL-10 allows for an extended half life in the body.

IL-10 is known to induce activation of STAT3 in CD8+ T cells which leads to increased survival, proliferation and cytotoxicity towards cancer. In preclinical studies, PEGylated IL-10 induced CD8+ T cell mediated tumor rejection and synergized with cytotoxic chemotherapies [1].

AM0010 is currently undergoing a phase I clinical trial for patients with advanced solid tumors including pancreatic and colon cancer [2]. Preliminary data suggested that AM0010 enhanced immune stimulation in these “immune resistant” cancers [3].

It is important to note that the mechanism of action of AM0010 relies upon the presence of CD8+ T cells within the tumor. Agents that promote the presence of of these cells are likely to be synergistic with AM0010.



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