Renalase is over-expressed and activates STAT3 in pancreatic cancer

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Renalase (RNLS) is a secreted flavoprotein. It is over-expressed by pancreatic cancer and acts as a survival factor blocking apoptosis. Importantly RNLS activates STAT3 and establishes a positive feedback loop whereby STAT3 promotes greater RNLS expression [1].

STAT3 plays a major role in pancreatic cancer [2]. It will be very important to determine through further research the extent to which STAT3 mediates renalase’s pro-cancer effects. A combination of renalase and STAT3 inhibition may prove effective against pancreatic cancer. A STAT3 inhibitor is already in clinical trials [3].

As renalase is secreted it may also serve as a useful diagnostic blood biomarker of pancreatic cancer (See here for pancreatic cancer biomarkers under development). This is certainly worth pursuing as late detection is a major reason for the dismal outcomes of pancreatic cancer patients.


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