ERK inhibitors – a valuable new tool for treating RAS/RAF active cancers

It has been found that in half of cell lines with RAS activation mutations the inhibition of ERK1/2 results in growth arrest including those that have acquired resistance to MEK inhibitors [1]. This is important as 50% of patients who are treated with BRAF or MEK inhibitors have disease progression within 6 to 7 months after the initiation of treatment [2].

An ERK1/2 inhibitor may prove effective in combination with MEK/BRAF inhibitors as a “double hit” of the MAPK pathway in RAS/RAF active cancers [3]. The double hit reduces the chances the tumours will spontaneously develop the mutations required to overcome inhibition of the pathway [4].

Novel ERK inhibitors such as Merck’s SCH772984/ MK-8353 or others may well be useful in MAPK combination therapy for melanoma and pancreatic cancer. It should be noted however that a phase I clinical trial of SCH772984/ MK-8353 was terminated by Merck without reason given be it financial or otherwise [5].


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